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Technology is changing the way schools teach, how children learn, the activities children choose and the way they live their lives. While developing technologies provide opportunities, it also brings risks and potential dangers.


To help keep children safe when using technology at home and school, a planned age appropriate online safety curriculum is taught at Lound Academy. This takes place in computing, PSHE and other lessons. Key online safety messages are also reinforced through assemblies, informal class discussions and celebrating Safer Internet Day.


Children recently took part in Safer Internet Day on 7th February 2017 which was celebrated globally. The theme this year was "Be the change: unite for a better internet".  Children across the academy began their day with an assembly where they discussed what they use the internet for, what to do if they see something they don’t like online and how to keep safe when sharing images. During the day children help discussions and carried out activities to reinforce the messages of what is safe/unsafe to share or see online. To gain a greater understanding of the messages from the day please see the attached assembly slides.


Below is a copy of our new online safety policy. It contains details of how we teach children to access the internet safely and the responsibilities of all stakeholders. Please take a look - we welcome your thoughts.





Useful website links

The 'Thinkuknow Parents and Carers' site is a source of information, tips and advice for parents and carers specifically focussed on online child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. It also looks at online games and what is appropriate for your child.


It will support all parents and carers, from those who need advice on how to protect their children, to those who are concerned about something that is happening right now.


E-Safety Articles Link: Parent Info E-Safety Articles


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