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Reading at Home


We strongly believe that reading is the key to success and that all children should experience high quality books that enhance literacy skills and inspire them to read widely.

Its is evident that children who read regularly acquire a greater range of vocabulary, and learn skills such as empathy, compassion and diplomacy earlier than those who do not read regularly. Ultimately, it is the regular readers who achieve higher grades in their education, going on to higher paid, rewarding jobs in adulthood.


This may sound like hyperbole but there is increasing evidence of the thread between regular reading and a life of fulfillment, health, wealth and happiness. The work begins here and it begins now! We rely on parental support to ensure that our children see reading as a worthwhile, rewarding and enjoyable habit. Reading every day with your child should be viewed by all parties as simply non-negotiable. Not only to help your child with their learning but to spend some quality screen-free time together.


To help with this we are sharing a fabulous and highly recommended list of ‘100 books to read before…’ series created by Ashley Booth a Year 6 Teacher in Liverpool. Many of these books are available at our local library and many within the school library.


Please find 100 books to read in KS1 and KS2 in the links below. We also include a list of 50 books that promote diversity. This is a key driver for our school as we believe that, in order to make sense of the world and make informed decisions, children should view the world from multiple viewpoints.

Thank you and Happy Reading!

Always remember, "There is no app to replace your lap" and that there is something uniquely magical about sitting and reading a book with your child. That said, there are some great apps and websites that can help your child on their journey to becoming a fluent and confident reader. Below is a link to the Oxford Owl website which has a range of FREE e-books and audio-books for you and your child to enjoy. It is worthwhile exploring other sections of the website as there is an abundance of free resources that can be used at home to help your child with their English and Maths skills.