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At Lound we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing a rich and diverse curriculum. Children at our school are immersed in relevant and purposeful learning which prepares them for, and helps them to flourish in, a life beyond our school gates. We are determined that every child who attends our school is highly literate and numerate and so we place great emphasis on the development and progression of key skills in English and Mathematics. Through a variety of topics, cross-curricular learning and experiences we strive to create emotionally intelligent pupils who are independent, confident, resilient, opinionated, compassionate and respectful of others. 


Curriculum Coverage at Lound Infant and Lound Junior school

Children at Lound engage in a largely topic-driven curriculum which weaves in all aspects of the curriculum under an overarching question or theme. These may be driven by key questions and concepts in science, history and geography. Other subjects are generally taught discretely but may also link back to the main theme of the topic to hold children’s interest and allow them to make links. 

English and Mathematics are taught as individual subjects but we provide many opportunities for children to develop and apply these skills through the wider curriculum. Maths at Lound is taught through the NCETM’s Curriculum Prioritisation document. Phonics and Early Reading is taught through the Read Write Inc scheme.  


Children work from the programmes of study set out in the 2014 Key Stage 1 and 2 National Curriculum:

·         English 

·         Mathematics

·         Science

·         Art and Design

·         Computing

·         Design and technology

·         Geography

·         History

·         Music

·         Physical education

·         MFL – Spanish (KS2 only)


We also follow Sheffield Religious Education syllabus and Sheffield PSHE(Personal, Social and Health education) and RSHE (Relationships, Social and Health Education) schemes of work. 

Each of these subjects have a progression document showing how pupils’ knowledge and skills progress from EYFS to Y6. Some examples of these progression documents are shown below. 


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage work towards the Early Learning Goals. The curriculum consists of both adult and child led activities through a variety of play based and real life experiences. This forms the basis of skills for key stage 1 and 2 to build upon.


 Life-Long Learning at Lound 

The aim of Lound Infant and Lound Junior schools education is to enable our pupils to understand the world around them and the talents within them so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens. Alongside the subjects shown above we weave SCSM (Spiritual, Cultural, Social and Moral) and British Values into our curriculum as the personal development of pupils' values plays a significant part in their ability to learn and achieve.

Our teaching is also steeped in our knowledge of the brain and the optimal states for learning. Lound teachers have a knowledge of how the brain works and learns and how to incorporate Trauma Informed and Brain friendly approaches into their teaching.

Teachers adapt the curriculum to meet the needs of SEND (Special Educational Needs or Disabilities) learners so that all pupils have access to all curriculum subjects. Each curriculum subject has ‘crucial’ knowledge and skills that all children need in order to progress and SEND pupils will be given additional support to meet these crucial milestones. Teachers also use the Birmingham Toolkit to set specific targets and ensure children are mastering key skills in Literacy and Numeracy. 

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach please contact the school directly.