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Family Support

Lound Academy are proud to be one of the few primary schools  in Sheffield to have their own Family Support Worker . His role is to raise  the achievement of our pupils by supporting their families to make sure they are ready for school and able to be the best that they can be. Here is some further information about his role:





So what do I do?

My aim is to support families to enable their children to be the best they can be at school.


A family support worker has many duties that relate to providing guidance to families in need. The need may be financial, family crisis, illness, relationship difficulties, attendance at school or anything which troubles you. For families requiring assistance, the support worker may provide information on how to access numerous services. I have had extensive training to do this effectively, a background in social care and 9 years’ experience here in Sheffield.


My job is to work closely with yourselves, your children, school staff and if appropriate external agencies to make the most of your child’s time at school – even during the tough times.


So let’s look at my Job Description:


  • Make assessments (Family Common Assessment Framework)

  • Build positive relationships with parents, children and young people

  • Work closely with agencies, locally and nationally to support families

  • Identify and address needs and risky behaviour by parents, children and young people

  • Identify safeguarding issues such as

    • Physical abuse

    • Sexual abuse

    • Emotional abuse

  • Work alongside Youth Offending Teams, police and other law enforcement agencies

  • Support children and families affected by domestic abuse

  • Support parents and children with mental health issues

  • Work with families who have housing issues

  • Counsel parents, children and young people

  • Support school in managing behaviour by identifying underlying issues that are affecting children and work with the pastoral staff to manage that behaviour as well as parents to introduce new strategies

  • Facilitate parenting courses alongside partner agencies

  • Improve communication between families and other agencies such as school and health professionals


You may ask – ‘Am I the same as a social worker?’


I’m not, but my role is similar. I have social work experience and I do work alongside my colleagues in social care. I am more easily available than a social worker and work alongside you in a non-judgemental way.




Is your child is getting out of hand?


“My 7 year old daughter is out of control, she does not listen to what she has been told to do, is constantly talking back and mimicking me. She lies and is giving me a hard time about everything.  I don't know what to do anymore; she knows what buttons to push to upset me. She does not listen to instructions, if asked to do something she will do the opposite or do what she wants. Taking stuff away does not work. She is constantly arguing with me about everything. Please give me some suggestions”


Is this familiar to you? Look no further, help is at hand!!


Lound have a Family Support Worker, Paul Dellimore, who has years of experience of working with children with a variety of needs.  As well as experience, he is trained in a number of parenting strategies that are being facilitated throughout Sheffield. One of those strategies is the 0 to 12 Triple P Parenting Program that supports parents in managing misbehaviour. The program promotes improved behaviour through:


The Positive Parenting Programme


Better behaviour can be encouraged through positive parenting methods. These methods are based on the following principles:

•showing love and affection to your child

•emphasising the things that please you about your child

•teaching your child by setting a good example yourself

•praising the behaviour you want to see in your child

•listening to your child and working out your problems together

•avoiding harsh punishments like smacking and excessive shouting

•setting clear limits which are fair and age appropriate

•expressing your wishes in a way that shows you mean what you say.


School regularly runs this parenting programme – look out for the next one!


As well as experience of working with children, our Family Support Worker has years of experience of supporting parents with numerous issues that affect our society today. One such issue is:


Looking After Yourself


Challenging children and the pressures of day to day living can cause us to become stressed, angry and unwell. To cut your own stress levels try talking about your frustrations with others, get organised and plan ahead for the stressful times and make sure you get some time to yourself to relax. Remember, if you are stressed or angry then your child may copy your behaviour.


If you would like support with any issues whether it be your child’s behaviour or dealing with stress we can help. Just ring school on 0114 2462181 and ask to speak to Paul Dellimore. He’ll be happy to listen!!