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Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1 Emma Bellamy Headteacher
Picture 2 Richard Cottam Deputy Headteacher
Picture 3 Catherine Cotterill Deputy Headteacher Infants
Picture 4 Mo Wilson Business Manager
Picture 5 Louise Foster FS Teacher
Picture 6 Rebecca Pickup FS Teacher
Picture 7 Emily Thomas FS Teacher (maternity)
Picture 8 Joanna Milek Teaching Assistant
Picture 9 Tracey Marlow Teaching Assistant
Picture 10 Gail Keir Teaching Assistant
Picture 11 Anna Shaw Y1 Teacher
Picture 12 Rosemary Davenport Y1 Teacher
Picture 13 Adam Stringfellow Teaching Assistant
Picture 14 Sue Donegan Teaching Assistant
Picture 15 Luke Davies Y2 Teacher
Picture 16 Katie Smith Y2 Teacher
Picture 17 Sue Salt Teaching Assistant
Picture 18 Wendy Bacon Teaching Assistant
Picture 19 Julie Williamson Play Leader
Picture 20 Cheryl Redwood Play Leader
Picture 21 Sarah Dexter Teaching Assistant
Picture 22 Amber Jackson Y3 Teacher
Picture 23 Emma Peake Y3 Teacher
Picture 24 Jenn Young Teaching Assistant
Picture 25 Amanda Kenny Y4 Teacher
Picture 26 Gail Stordy Y4 Teacher
Picture 27 Rebecca Foster Y4 Teacher
Picture 28 Sarah Kirk Y4 Teacher (Maternity)
Picture 29 Lex Forrester Teaching Assistant
Picture 30 Liz Baranowski Teaching Assistant/Breakfast Club
Picture 31 Amelia Cottam Y5 Teacher
Picture 32
Picture 33 Rhys Owen Y5 Teacher
Picture 34 Sharon Firth Teaching Assistant
Picture 35 Emily Worswick Y6 Teacher
Picture 36 Joe Littlewood Y6 Teacher
Picture 37 Kate Needham Teaching Assistant
Picture 38 Cat Lupton Teaching Assistant
Picture 39 Helen Garner Teaching Assistant
Picture 40 Sami Wilmshurst SENCO
Picture 41 Hannah Hattersley HLTA
Picture 42 Sharon Race HLTA
Picture 43 Nicki Broadhurst HLTA
Picture 44 Paul Dellimore Family Liaison Officer
Picture 45 Kate Humberstone Music Teacher
Picture 46 Tracey Birley Business Support Manager
Picture 47 Sam McCarthy Admin Officer
Picture 48 Jane Watson Clerical Officer
Picture 49 Sarah Wiley Clerical Officer (maternity)
Picture 50 Alison Needham Clerical Officer
Picture 51 Michael Hall Buildings Manager
Picture 52 Ian Barnsley Handy Person
Picture 53 Katie Askham Cleaner/Play leader
Picture 54 Val Brown Cleaner
Picture 55 John Burden Cleaner
Picture 56 Sylvia Bouzin Cleaner
Picture 57 Jo Carrigan Play leader
Picture 58 Kim Brown Breakfast Club/Willows
Picture 59 Sarah White Play Leader/Willows
Picture 60 Trish Dunn Play Leader/Willows
Picture 61 Claire Perry Play Leader
Picture 62 Jolene Savage Play leader/Willows
Picture 63 Natalie Woodhouse Play Leader/Willows
Picture 64 Karine Barnes Play Leader/Willows
Picture 65 Donna Walton Kitchen Assistant Juniors
Picture 66 Jane Webster Cook Infants
Picture 67 Sharon Ellis Kitchen Assistant Infants
Picture 68 Wendy Burton Kitchen Assistant Infants
Picture 69 Lynsey Spye Kitchen Assistant Infants
Picture 70 Jeremy, our school dog