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Today's children and young people are growing up in a digital world. As they grow older, it is crucial that they learn to balance the benefits offered by technology with a critical awareness of their own and other's online behaviour, and develop effective strategies for staying safe and making a positive contribution.


Our Online Safety policy is designed to help us to evolve our use of the internet and digital technologies in teaching and learning whilst also informing us of the potential dangers.



Children take part in Safer Internet Day in February each year. In 2021 the theme was "Exploring Identity online". The children watch an assembly, have lessons and talk about different ways they can stay safe on line.


Below are links to the assemblies so you can talk to your children about them and a general link to the Safer Internet website 2021. Here there is a wealth of information and lots of 'top tips' to help ensure your children get the most out of the internet whilst also making it a better and safer place. 


Here is the link to the website:




Ages 3-7
Ages 7-11

Assembly information for 7-11 years old's can be found on the links below:


Other useful documents: