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Our Aims and Mission Statement

Our Aims and Mission Statement

“Children at the heart of everything we do”


At Lound Academy, our whole school community is working in partnership to ensure children always come first by;


  • offering a broad, balanced curriculum which is relevant, creative and inclusive;

  • developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude, empowering children to be actively engaged in and responsible for their learning;

  • providing a safe, stimulating, well-resourced environment for effective learning;

  • promoting self-esteem and confidence, through having high expectations, recognising children’s strengths and providing opportunities for their social and emotional development;

  • developing their knowledge, skills and experiences to enable them to stay safe and make healthy lifestyle choices;

  • being supportive adults with high expectations, modelling and teaching respectful behaviour, making the right choices and taking responsibility for the consequences of our actions.



Education is concerned with change for the better and improvements in the life chances of children and young people. We want the children in our school to become lifelong learners, and we believe that the adults in our school, and, through them, the school itself, should model an appetite for learning about how to do things better. We are always seeking to make further improvements in the provision which we make for our children; this involves the school, its staff and governors, being keen to learn how we might continue to change for the better. However successful we are, we are committed to school improvement, for the ongoing benefit of our pupils.