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Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning



Providing activities in the outdoor environment has been proven to be effective at engaging and motivating children in their learning. Research shows that many children need large spaces, fresh air and movement to ‘switch on’ the learning part of their brain. Our school believes that by planning learning to take place in areas other than the classroom the potential of all our pupils is increased.


We are fortunate at Lound that both our sites have ample outdoor space with large fields, trees, bug hotels, allotment gardens and ponds. We also have fixed play equipment such as a trim trail, tyre obstacle courses and climbing walls. There is also outdoor classrooms at both sites.  


Foundation Stage children have all day access to the outdoor area and planned activities are provided to support all areas of learning. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 have opportunities throughout the week to explore and learn outdoors. 


Examples of outdoor learning:

  • Story telling, role play and acting
  • Sharing whole class or small group stories
  • Building dens
  • Learning about pond life
  • Observing wildlife and learning about habitats
  • Mark making with chalk
  • Shape hunts
  • Treasure (learning) hunts
  • Learning co-ordinates 
  • Science investigations e.g. measuring shadows
  • Learning about the water cycle