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As part of the School’s commitment to personalised learning we have devised some small group provision to help children improve their skills for learning.


The Penguins aim to improve children’s looking, listening and concentration skills using activities that promote the use of spoken language and teamworking. Personal, social and emotional development is nurtured through activities like gardening, baking and team games.


Teachers and parents have commented that after children have worked in the Penguins their independence and confidence have increased, enabling them to learn more successfully. Achievement is recognised and celebrated with star of the week awards and superstar badges.


The carefully chosen children who take part are called The Penguins at the Infants and the rockets at the Juniors.




  • To provide a small-scale setting in which children can experience nurturing care from two caring adults.
  • To improve children's looking, listening and concentration skills and to use activities which promote the use of spoken language and willingness to join in.
  • To have a predictable, calm and purposeful environment and timetable.
  • To develop self-esteem and social skills.
  • To develop relationships between adults and children, building trust, confidence and reliability.
  • To help children learn appropriate behaviour.
  • To work in partnership with parents and teachers to achieve consistency of approach at home and school.
  • To provide ongoing assessment using Boxall profile.