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At Lound we began to teach children in KS1 to read through a whole school phonics programme called Read Write Inc. It uses a systematic approach to teach children how to read confidently. Children are individually assessed at the end of each half term and then grouped by ability rather than age to ensure focused and effective teaching. Children go to their read write inc group every morning for 20 minutes of literacy (foundation stage children begin with 10 mins and build it up over the year). The session begins with speed sounds (learning a new sound and revising previous sounds), reading green words (that you can sound out/blend) and reading red words (that you cannot sound out e.g. the, was). The lessons are fast paced and fun. Children finish the scheme when they are confidently reading these sounds and words independently.


After completing the Read Write Inc scheme, children continue their learning through daily 20 minute sessions of understanding the spelling patterns from the national curriculum. This progression ensures that children leave Lound Infant School with secure knowledge of phonics – vital skills for successful reading and writing.


Our children learn to read using a variety of books rather than just one published reading scheme. The books are carefully levelled to ensure precise assessment of progress. It also allows children to select from a wide range of styles including fiction, non-fiction, poetry and play scripts.


Phonics is one of the key skills necessary for reading. We also teach other skills such as whole word recognition, using picture and context clues and understanding of texts.


Practise at home on a ‘little and often basis’ is the best way to support your child with learning phonics and reading. We tell the children that “If you can read, you can do anything!” and your support with this is of real benefit to them.


Click on the link below to visit the CBeebies Alphablocks site and play some fun phonics games



Click on the link below to watch a video showing how to pronounce all of the set 1-3 sounds we teach


There are also some fantastic clips on YouTube showing how to pronounce sounds which are very child friendly. Just search for Mr Thorne does phonics.