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Report a COVID case

* New COVID case reporting protocol * 

* Out of Hours Contact Details *


If your child or any member of their household tests positive for COVID-19 you must inform school via a phonecall or by using the following email addresses... *



This is so that we can act swiftly to close down any relevant groups/bubbles within our schools.


(*the Infant email will re-direct to the Junior account so there's actually no difference in which one you use).


This is particularly important for out of hours contact and Christmas/non term time contact


If you are reporting a positive case, you should use this email and this email only - please do not use enquiries@ or teachers/leadership email addresses to report cases out of office hours, as we cannot guarantee that these emails will be read (we insist on our staff having their email notifications off when they are at home).


The three members of the leadership team will always have notifications turned on for the covid@ email addresses and will endeavour to respond promptly to your email, if required to do so. The Leadership Team is Emma Bellamy (Headteacher), Richard Cottam (Junior Deputy) and Catherine Cotterill (Infant Deputy)


With this in mind, we ask that you only use the covid@ email address to REPORT A POSITIVE CASE and/or request a subsequent phone call from the leadership team. All general enquiries and other messages must follow the usual channels and may not be responded to out of hours.


When reporting a positive case via the email address, please provide the following information:


Name and contact number of Parent/Carer reporting the case:

Full name of child:

Child's class/year group:

Do they attend Breakfast Club/Willows? If so, on what days/dates?

Date of positive test result:

Date that symptoms began:

School attendance information (i.e. when were they last in school)

Any Other Relevant Information (i.e. siblings, information given by Track and Trace)



Thank you,

The Leadership Team,

Lound Academy