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Y2 - Lions

Welcome to Lions!


In the Lions, we work hard and we have lots of fun with our learning.  We are a team and we take collective responsibility for our learning behaviour and respect for our resources and belongings; therefore as well as the individual merit system, we have a class marble jar which is reward for great learning and impeccable behaviour from the whole class.  When this is full the class earn a treat of their choosing. The Lions also take pride in their work and for amazing presentation skills children will earn ‘proud lions’ which get put in a jar to be drawn out at the end of each week. The more ‘proud lions’ you get, the more chance you have of winning a prize!



In year 2 we refer to our VCOP superheroes to help us with our writing, as we look for children to begin to write varied and interesting sentences.  Don’t be surprised to hear children refer to Incredible Openers, Dr Punctuation or even sound out a trill “ooh La-Laaah” when they hear a new and interesting word (this is what Violet Vocabulary does!)



We follow the whole school Big Maths programme, with the focus on the instant recall of basic number facts.  Knowing these will allow children to understand more complex problems using bigger numbers as they move through school.



Our topics this year will be Africa, The Great Sheffield Flood and the seaside.



Spelling and maths homework is given out every Friday, with some evidence of having completed it due back by the following Thursday.  Spellings will be tested weekly and used to identify gaps in children’s phonetic knowledge and spelling patterns.



We expect children to read with an adult at home for 10mins, 5 times a week (at least twice should be recorded in their reading record to be a part of ‘always club”.  This will help children maintain and improve their fluency and expression.  In school we mainly read in groups with a teacher once a week, and focus more on understanding the text, inference, noticing patterns and commenting on the author’s intentions. 


Children are responsible for changing their own reading book when needed, a teacher or teaching assistant will advise when your child is ready to move a book band and will monitor children’s targets.


PE – our PE days are Friday and Thursday. Please ensure that PE kit (t-shirt, shorts, pumps) is in school and labelled with your child’s name.  Please also remove any earrings and ensure children with long hair have a bobble to tie their hair back.


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