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Y5O - Kaolas

Welcome to Year  5O



In the kaolas, we work hard, try our best and have lots of fun with our learning.  We are a Year 5 team who work together to take responsibility for our learning behaviours, look after and respect our classroom, resources and belongings; we therefore work as a class to earn up to 45 marbles a week which results in the amount of golden time we are rewarded with on a Friday.  As we are a team, we have to earn this treat together and no one will be asked to sit out.  In addition to this collective weekly reward, our foxes can earn merits (for going above and beyond); star work tickets (for taking pride in their work and for amazing presentation skills); and focus mind tickets (for demonstrating the learning powers like using their imaginations, concentrating, aiming high and persevering). Star work and focused mind tickets result in tickets which get put in a jar to be drawn out at the end of each week. The more tickets you get, the more chance you have of winning a prize!



In year 5, we refer to lots of Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar (SpaG) rules in order to make our work the best it can be! Children will be learning how to use varied openers (Fronted adverbials), parenthesis (adding extra information or explaining something in brackets or hyphens) and relative clauses (adding extra information about nouns).  There are many more skills that we focus on too, keep an eye out for the homework, which explains them.



We follow the whole school Big Maths programme, with the focus on the instant recall of basic number facts.  Knowing these will allow children to understand more complex problems using bigger numbers as they move through school. If they know their 6 times tables they can also count in 60s, 600s and 0.6s!


Learning challenge

Our learning challenges in year 5 include, but aren’t limited to the Anglo-Saxons, ‘were they really so smashing?’, forces, ‘is the force really with you?’, space, ‘will we ever send another human to the moon?’, the ancient Mayans, ‘Who were the Mayans and where did their civilisation go?’, getting older, ‘What will you be like when you’re as old as your grandparents?’, the lifecycle of animals, ‘What came first the chicken or the egg?’, changes of matter, ‘Can you be a CSI investigator?’, Brazil, ‘Why is Brazil in the news again?’, the rainforest, ‘Why should the rainforest be important to us all?’ and lots more!




In year 5 we give out Maths or Literacy homework every Friday, we expect some evidence of it being completed by the following Wednesday.  Children who complete and return their homework on time for a whole term become part of the illustrious “always club” and will receive a special treat at the end of each term.  Spellings will be given out and tested every 2 weeks on a Tuesday.



We expect children to read with an adult at home for 10mins, 5 times a week and alone as much as possible.  This will help children maintain and improve their fluency, expression and comprehension.  Our e-books mean that Mr Owen can monitor who is reading at home and completing the wink bug challenges therefore we can see who is and isn’t understanding their levelled books.   In school we mainly read in groups with a teacher once a week, and focus more on understanding the text, inference, noticing patterns and commenting on the author’s intentions. 


Children are responsible for changing their own reading book when needed, a teacher or teaching assistant will advise when your child is ready to move a book band and will monitor children’s targets.



Our PE days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Please ensure that PE kit (t-shirt, shorts, pumps/trainers) is in school and labelled with your child’s name.  Please also remove any earrings and ensure children with long hair have a bobble to tie their hair back.



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